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 Taxi Tours For the discerning visitor

Many visitors to this archipelago choose large organised tours to see Orkney's main attractions. Many visitors would like an alternative.

An alternative that lets you choose the sights you would most like to see. 

An alternative that lets you see things at your own pace

An alternative that you will remember forever 

Orkney has world class Archaeology, Amazing wildlife, Fabulous Beaches, Dramatic Cliffs Perspective altering Sea Stacks. Jaw dropping Gloups and Breath-taking panoramas. Many of these Jewels in our crown are largely unpublished and only accessible to those in the know  with small vehicles. 

Fortunately, these Islands are our home and we know them well. We would be proud to share this knowledge with you.


The length of a tour is up to you. It's your day, your holiday and you are the boss, but we recommend 4 hours as a good baseline for your personal experience.


All tours are charged by the hour.

  • Car tours for up to 4 passengers are £50 per hour
  • Minibus tours for up to 8 passengers cost £75 per hour

Please specify the number in your group when booking and we can advise you accordingly.

Please Note: The tour prices are regulated by the local council. 


Please use the contact page on this site, send an email to: or Telephone +44 (0)1856 878787